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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Group Benefits for Attracting Top Talent - What You Should Offer

The notion and nature of “work” is changing across America. Enlightened by pandemic-era alterations to the daily grind, and fueled by a realignment of labor values, today’s workforce is not so easily understood or enticed. 

Accordingly, headlines reading “Great Resignation” or “Quiet Quitting” have been spreading anxiety among top employers searching for talent, especially those in the Rocket City of Huntsville, AL. But the answer to attracting and maintaining a skilled workforce is the same as it ever was: strong and meaningful benefits

Creating & Tailoring Attractive Benefits Packages

While employers of all kinds get creative with their benefits (e.g. gym memberships, daycare, pet insurance), traditional benefits (life insurance, retirement, disability) still hold sway among a morphing workforce. But tailoring those benefits can be challenging when targeting the employees you need.

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we understand contemporary hurdles to recruitment. More than anything, employees seek acknowledgment of their value from employers in the form of a flexible and attractive benefits package. 

What you need is a creative solution, driven by extensive experience and proven strategies and customized to your organization's specific hiring needs.

Top “Traditional” Benefits For Attracting Employees

Every decade, there’s a new list of so-called “perks” for employers to consider. Previous recommendations have included everything from beanbags and cappuccino makers to escape rooms and arcade games. With the benefit of hindsight, the in-demand and in-office perks of the 2010s look quaint by the standards of 2022. 

What’s not quaint these days? The same benefits that have been pulling talent for nearly a century.

Employee Life Insurance

Next to flexible vacation or unlimited PTO, what can life insurance offer a modern employee? Before comparing this time-tested benefit to newer, flashier perks, consider the aforementioned pandemic and its effect on the mentality of today’s skilled worker. 

Life insurance is more important than ever. As an eager employer, you can start by offering a certain amount of coverage without cost to your employees ($25K or more). Naturally, it follows that the amount you cover rises with the average age of the workforce you’re seeking. Tech industry leaders might consider covering less than real estate companies, for example, based on the median age of their industry’s employees. 

Pepper, Johnstone & Company can use demographic insights and real-time understanding of competitive benefits packages to help you dial in your life insurance coverage—taking the guesswork out of your recruitment efforts.

Employee Health Insurance

The issue of health insurance has been a hot one for the 21st century, especially since the signing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Older employees still remember the outrageous sums they paid for coverage before more affordable options became available. But with a new emphasis on personal health, employees of all ages feel a greater appreciation from employers when their wellness needs are addressed.

To dismiss a common concern among skeptical recruits, savvy employers should offer strong health insurance packages from the start. By going above and beyond the base options, employers signal an earnest desire for the longevity and wellbeing of employees. While employees are happy to share the cost of coverage with you, they’re also quick to point out deficiencies and draw implications about the sincerity of your offer.

To strengthen your package further, consider adding:

  • Dental Insurance

  • Vision Insurance

  • Generous Maternity Leave Coverage

  • More

Employee Long Term Disability & Long Term Care Insurance

If employers have a failing when considering employee benefits, it’s figuring out what modern workers do or don’t care about based solely on their median age or skill set. Long term disability and long term care insurance may not seem sexy enough for today’s workforce. But for too many Americans, long hospital stays are no longer an abstract. For many, they’re a recent memory—either of themselves or a loved one. 

Fittingly, even young tech industry talents may consider how far their employer will go to secure them and their families against health-related financial ruin. By offering specifically long term support for disability and care, you’re signaling an interest in the human being beyond their utility to you—a genuine display of compassion that could sway recruits your way.

Don’t Get Passed Over For an Employer with Better Benefits

To attract and retain a strong workforce, employers need to demonstrate that they care for employee wellbeing. Cultivating an invested mentality at your organization means putting your money (and your benefits) where your mouth is. 

As employers scramble to invent new perks for 21st-century employees, they may also overlook the fundamental value of traditional benefits, stranding some top-tier recruits in the process. At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we can help you customize your group benefits to tactically attract the kinds of employees you’re looking for. 

Contact us today and learn how we can give your HR department the advantage it needs to secure your operation for the future of labor.

Collaborate with Pepper, Johnstone & Co. On Your Benefits Package

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we know that building a strong organization starts with hiring. Don’t let the strange, weekly headlines about the state of labor in America get you down. We can help you build a competitive and alluring group benefits package so that you don’t miss out on top talent in your industry. Call us today at 938-200-8972 and get started on building the workforce of your dreams.