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Client Testimonials

Michael H. in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama said:

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your numerous interventions and attention to detail during the work on my house.  Through the entire process there was never a doubt in my mind that you had my best interest at heart.  I have experienced agents/brokers in the past that were most helpful until the sale was complete then not quite as much.  That is certainly not the case with you.  Once again I appreciate it greatly!

Commercial client in Atlanta, Georgia said:

Pepper, Johnstone, & Company has become a crucial member of our business support team over the past several years.  At the start, they performed an analysis of our business needs, our exposure areas, and determined the most comprehensive, yet economical, method of coverage.  Their attention to detail ensures coverage lapses do not occur and that all proof of insurance requests from our clients are quickly met, typically in the same day.  I have no concerns about liability exposure knowing that Pepper, Johnstone, & Company is looking out for us.  I highly recommend their services to any business owner.

Jeremiah H. in Huntsville, Alabama said:

Bryan is extremely knowledgeable with regards to all facets of insurance coverage and necessary policies. I trust him completely because I know that he understands the nuances and I know that he has integrity. When he makes a recommendation, I know it is in my best interest. He takes good care of both my personal and business insurance needs. I would not call anyone else about my insurance but Bryan.

Samantha B. in Athens, Alabama said:

All the employees at Pepper, Johnstone & Company are very professional and knowledgeable. They take care of many issues in a timely manner – exceptional customer service. I am very pleased with my choice to have all my insurance with Pepper, Johnstone & Company.

David M. in Hampton Cove, Alabama said:

I view the discretion you and Travelers have shown based on the facts as a whole as a high degree of wisdom…if this whole thing goes through despite Murphy’s Law #2 (if you see a light at the end of the tunnel it is probably a freight train), then I will certainly consider you to be wise counsel. This Thanksgiving, one of the many things I am thankful for is an outstanding insurance agent/broker – you.

Tammy G. in Tanner, Alabama said:

Excellent customer service, never have to call more than once. Wonderful people!

Kenneth C. in Huntsville, Alabama said:

I have total trust in Pepper, Johnstone & Company. Great staff, and my insurance requirements have always been met.

Shelia L. in Athens, Alabama said:

The staff is outstanding. I filed an auto claim on Tuesday and my check was in the mail on Thursday. They’re always most helpful.

Carl S. in Athens, Alabama said:

Excellent service and rates. Pepper, Johnstone & Company is prompt and our adjuster was easy to work with.

Billy L. in Huntsville, Alabama said:

Great coverage for the cost! Courteous. Professional.

Herbert B. in Athens, Alabama said:

Everyone is always very helpful and nice about everything. Many thanks.

Samuel L. in Athens, Alabama said:

These are all wonderful, helpful people.

Tim Y. in Madison, Alabama said:

Competitive prices. Very good service.

Jeannie H. in Toney, Alabama said:

Appreciate always being able to reach someone live. More than one person knowledgeable & able to help me. Everybody treats me as if I’m their only client. Bryan & Kellie are so very knowledgeable and friendly. I love having such a quick turn-around time on invoices and changes to our policies.

Terry C. in Elkmont, Alabama said:

Prompt, kind, efficient service.

Lewis R. in Athens, Alabama said:

Great service!

James T. in Athens, Alabama said:

We are very satisfied with Pepper, Johnstone & Company. They handled [our claim] quickly and without any problems.

Gertrude C. in Madison, Alabama said:

Great personnel! Claim processed no problem. Prompt.

John S. in Athens, Alabama said:

We are very satisfied with Pepper, Johnstone & Company. Great Agency – always helpful.

Commercial client in Athens, Alabama said:

Very fast and competent service!

John V. in Huntsville, Alabama said:

Pepper, Johnstone & Company has always been very helpful.

Jenny H. in Athens, Alabama said:

My insurance advisor/broker does a great job. Pepper Johnstone & Company takes excellent care of us. They are the only insurance people we would use.

Randall E. in Tanner, Alabama said:

Very satisfied. Professionalism and promptness of providing new policies.

Diane S. in Huntsville, Alabama said:

Extremely satisfied with the policies, service, and service provided during our claim.

John S. in Athens, Alabama said:

Any communication with this agency is pleasant, from the office staff to the agents. I am very satisfied with the policies and service provided.

Robert M. in Elkmont, Alabama said:

Always helpful and available when needed. Provides accurate responses and completes research, if necessary.

John F. in Athens, Alabama said:

Phone calls, paper work, answers to questions are all done quickly and professionally. William Pepper is outstanding! He’s honest, sincere and always available to help us; a true southern gentleman.

Raymond M. in Athens, Alabama said:

Pepper, Johnstone & Company exceeds our expectations. We are especially pleased with the prompt attention and service.

John V. in Athens, Alabama said:

Everyone is always very easy to work with. Very good people that are good at their job.

Diane S. in Huntsville, Alabama said:

I am very satisfied with Pepper, Johnstone & Company – a great bunch of people to work with. And the adjusters are easy to talk with and they get the job done!

Kenneth C. in Athens, Alabama said:

Every claim is paid promptly. Pepper, Johnstone & Company has provided excellent service to me and my family for many years.

John S. in Athens, Alabama said:

We are extremely satisfied with Pepper, Johnstone & Company. These are great folks to deal with.

Michael W. in Huntsville, Alabama said:

We are extremely satisfied with our advisor. Not only does he find the best ‘product in a category’ as an independent broker, but he reviews and discusses insurance needs from a macro perspective.  Bryan Johnstone is a great advisor and great person!

Joe G. in Tanner, Alabama said:

We love you and your staff and your thorough prompt service. Thank you so much!

Todd I. in Muscle Shoals, Alabama said:

We couldn’t be happier with Pepper, Johnstone & Company. They are the best in their business – extremely competent, knowledgeable, professional and willing to go the extra mile to take care of my family and businesses.

Chris H. in Toney, Alabama said:

Pepper, Johnstone & Company is excellent. Our agent takes time to make us feel like we are the only clients. They are very thorough and work hard to make sure there are no gaps in coverage.

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