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Religious Institution Insurance

Religious Institution Insurance

Our Religious Organizations Program offers coverages uniquely designed to fulfill a wide range of special insurance needs for your church or religious organization. Pepper, Johnstone & Company can recommend insurance policies to help protect your religious organization from financial loss due to various situations.

Religious institutions insurance can provide coverage for:

  • Property, such as altars, pews, sound equipment
  • Equipment breakdown or loss
  • Clergy’s, members’ and guests’ personal property loss
  • Appurtenant structure loss
  • Members’ or employees’ dishonesty
  • Decorative or liturgical objects, such as stained glass
  • Lock replacement after breakage
  • Off-premises personal property loss of others
  • Records and papers
  • Building ordinance changes
  • General liability
  • Fine art and musical instruments
  • Officers’, teachers’ and directors’ liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • Misconduct and abuse
  • Vehicle coverage
  • Professional Errors and Omissions (E & O) for clergy or other professionals employed by the institution
  • And much more…

Customized Protection for Your Religious Institution

Pepper, Johnstone & Company will sit down with your institution’s clergy and other leaders to create a customized insurance policy that fits your needs. We take a hard look at all the risks you face and come up with a plan to cover those risks, so you can get back to the business you were called to do—serve your community of faith.

Protect More Than Your Building

Of course, you want to protect your building with adequate insurance. But there’s so much more to your ministry than the building. Without the people, it’s just an empty shell.

Accidents, too, can occur during social activities. Protect yourself with insurance that covers medical payments for injuries clergy, members, or guests suffer during an activity.

Others receive services from your institution. Protect these vulnerable individuals—as well as those who administer the services—with adequate insurance that allows you to do ministry with courage and passion.

Leave Your Worries Behind with Insurance that Protects

Your calling is to guide your members in a right spiritual direction. You celebrate life and mourn death together. You reach out to your community to help those who have lost their way due to addiction, poverty, or other issues. Like a good shepherd, your institution protects your flock.

Our calling is to protect those you protect. From your house of worship to your outreach ministries, we protect your institution from events and persons who would do it harm.

Call us today at 256-232-7818 for an appointment to meet with you and your institution’s leaders. We’ll show you how to keep your institution in safe hands, so you can do your ministry—unfettered by worry about the things of this world.

Get the protection you need tomorrow, today.

To learn more about our insurance products and services, speak with one of our experienced professionals today.