Metal Fabricator Insurance

Metal Fabricator Insurance

For those in the metalworking industry, metal fabricators insurance is not only a good thing to have; it’s a necessity. No matter whether you cast, forge, form, or engrave metal—or a combination of those tasks—danger is close at hand when you work with metal.

And don’t forget the other inherent risks you face from the business side of things, such as damage to your facility or your records. Metal fabricators in the know call on Pepper, Johnstone & Company for metal fabricators insurance they can count on when things go wrong.

Metal Fabricators Insurance Gives Peace of Mind

Insure your metalworkers: Working with metal involves using industrial equipment to weld, cast, and stamp metal. Pouring hot metal into molds, cutting metal with shards and sparks flying everywhere—your work is dangerous. If your business employs others to do these often hazardous tasks, you need to protect your company against financial and legal exposure in case of accidents.

For instance, if one of your employees gets burned while doing her or his job, you need coverage. If a machine goes down during peak manufacturing periods, you’ll suffer a huge loss of inventory, which in turn, will cause a huge drop in your revenue.

Suppose a fire occurs—or your data gets compromised. You could lose everything without adequate commercial insurance for your metal manufacturing business.

Metalworkers Insurance for Your Individual Needs

Take the time to call your independent insurance agent at Pepper, Johnstone & Company. Together, we’ll sit down, look over your company’s needs, and come up with a custom metal fabricators policy that meets all your needs.  

Make sure you show your agent your facilities, along with the machinery and all the work you and your employees perform there. Also, you’ll need to share your data storage methods, what kind of office equipment you use, so he or she can design a policy that gives you adequate coverage. If you do business outside of the country, we’ll need to know that, too, so we can design a policy that will cover international business.

Your agent will explain everything in detail, so you can find the best coverage for your company. Don’t leave anything to chance.

If you don’t understand something, ask. We at Pepper, Johnstone & Company want to make sure we provide the utmost in service for our clients in the metalworking business.

Finally, with an independent agency, claims will go more smoothly, too. Your agent will guide you through each step. When you purchase commercial insurance through our agency, know that we take care of our clients—no matter what.

If you aren’t sure if your company has adequate insurance protection, now’s the time to get peace of mind. Call your independent insurance agent at 256-232-7818 today for a comprehensive review.

Get the protection you need tomorrow, today.

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