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Limestone County Insurance

Limestone County Alabama Insurance

Limestone County, which encompasses the cities of Athens, Madison and Huntsville, offers unique benefits for residents and businesses.  With a growth potential of nearly 20% for 2020, Limestone County is positioned to be a center for economic and technological growth in the state of Alabama.  Limestone County offers attractive business incentives, like lower business costs and tax rates compared to other regions in the Southeast.  The county also boasts a highly-educated workforce in the aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, manufacturing and robotics industries.  Coupled with a central location close to Birmingham and Nashville, Limestone County is poised to see tremendous growth in innovation, technology and opportunity.

Choosing Pepper, Johnstone & Company for your insurance ensures that you’re receiving the best guidance and protection for whatever happens next.  We provide options for a wide variety of needs, including renters, commercial, personal and cyber insurance.  As residents of Limestone County, we understand the community and are confident we can provide you the insurance you need.

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