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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What Kind of Insurance Does My Business Need? - A Guide

It’s easy to think of insurance like we think of umbrellas-better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. But for business insurance especially, that’s an incomplete analogy. In truth, insurance is...

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Insurance for Accountants - The Protections You Need

Numbers of nearly every kind are often disregarded as being impersonal or cold. Even so, it’s impossible to deny that there are vital numbers at the core of our personal and professional lives. As an accountant, you...

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Insurance for Construction - The Protection You Need

The construction industry is a minefield of risk. Each year, slips and falls, vehicular accidents, hazardous chemicals, and combustible materials claim lives. In fact, more than a few common jobs throughout the...

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Pepper, Johnstone & Company’s Huntsville Office — Now Open To Protect Your Future

Lately, Alabama’s “Rocket City” has been living up to its name in a big way. Huntsville, AL is on track to set another record year for population growth, economic opportunity and just about every other outstanding...

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Why You Need Business Insurance for Your Restaurant

As a restaurateur, you already knew what the rest of the nation (and world) discovered during the pandemic-that restaurants are fragile entities that struggle to keep their doors open in the best of times, let alone...

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Avoid These Common Misconceptions When Buying Commercial Renters Insurance

As a business owner who chooses to rent rather than buy the space they operate in, you may be under the impression that any damages to the property would be covered by the owner’s insurance policy. That, however, is not...

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Why Metal Fabricator Insurance Is Crucial for Your Operations

Arguably, the metalworking industry employs some of the most skilled employees in the nation. Metalworkers don’t sit behind a desk and push paper; instead, they operate heavy equipment like press brakes, ironworkers,...

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Debunking the Dangerous Myths of Commercial Insurance

We see the news littered with headlines about major companies being sued for countless reasons and we assume only the majors players are liable for legal complications, but even small businesses --- including your mom-...

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