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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Instant Life Insurance Quotes, Instant Peace of Mind - Pepper, Johnstone

We have to face it at some point: life ends, but your support of your family doesn’t have to. Life insurance is a necessary part of a robust insurance portfolio, one that brings solace to you and your loved ones. 

But even after overcoming our initial discomfort, setting out to find adequate coverage at an affordable rate can be a chore. Traditional life insurance applications can drag on, requiring up to 30 pages of paperwork or more. And, we may not always have time during the week to attend a physical exam. Thankfully, there’s an easier way.

Direct Issue Life Insurance For Athens & Huntsville, AL 

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we believe in removing the most frequent and frustrating barriers between you and the protections you need. That’s why we offer instant life insurance quotes, powered by Quility. 

Within 10 minutes of finishing our brief, easy-to-use online application, you can lock in a rate and pay your first month’s life insurance premium. Peace of mind starts with just one click and a few simple questions.

Here’s how you can secure life insurance coverage right now.   

Step 1 - Instant Quote Request Form

To get started, all you need to do is click here. You’ll find a short, fillable form with only six questions. To determine your monthly rate, you’ll need to choose how much coverage you want (between $100,000 and $1 million). 

How to Calculate Life Insurance Coverage Amount

To calculate your coverage needs, best practice dictates multiplying your annual salary by a factor of 10. You might also consider adding $100,000 for each child or dependent above that 10X figure. So, if you make $50,000 a year, you might consider $500,000 in coverage. With two children, $700,000 may be a more appropriate figure.

Life Insurance Coverage Amount Formula

Annual Salary X 10 + (Number of Dependents X $100,000) = Life Insurance Coverage Amount

Next, you’ll want to figure out your term length. 

How to Calculate Life Insurance Term Length

Two primary factors play into determining your ideal life insurance term—your age and your anticipated financial obligations. Financial obligations can include loans, college tuition funds, mortgages, children under the age of 18, and children over the age of 18 who live at home. 

If you’re already 20 years into a 30 year mortgage, you might consider a life insurance term of 10 years to help cover your monthly payments in the event of the worst. If you’ve just purchased your first home or had your first child, you may consider longer terms of 20 to 30 years. Whatever you decide, by locking in your rate today, you’re saving in the long run.

Step 2 - Review Your Quote & Fill Out Questionnaire

Once you’ve answered those first six questions, you’ll be presented with an estimate of your monthly life insurance premium. At the moment, this is only an estimate. Depending on your details, this estimate may be generally close to what you can expect to pay.

Next, you’ll fill out a quick questionnaire. Some questions pertain to your annual salary, height, weight, tobacco use, medical history, and lifestyle. After you’ve answered a few easy questions, you’ll choose your beneficiary or beneficiaries. Now, you’ll find your adjusted monthly life insurance premium. This is what you can pay right now, today, to get the protections you need for your family. 

Step 3 - Pay Your First Month’s Premium and Achieve Peace of Mind

Finally, you’ll enter your banking information and let our system do the rest. In about the same amount of time it takes to hard boil an egg, you’ve applied for, received, and begun paying for your family’s future. Finding powerful life insurance coverage has never been easier.

Protect Your Family with Pepper, Johnstone & Company

Considering end-of-life financial assistance for your family is undoubtedly awkward and a little uncomfortable. That’s why Pepper, Johnstone & Company makes achieving peace of mind as easy as possible.

Don’t let the fear of inconvenience keep you from making the best decision for your family. Click here and get the coverage you need, once and for all.

Life Insurance Doesn’t Have to Be Time-Consuming or Complicated

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we specialize in solace for the future of your family. Don’t let the threat of time-consuming paperwork or inconvenient physicals put you off from getting the protection you need. With our direct life insurance quote fillable form, you can protect the people you love most at what might be the worst time in their lives. To learn more about our insurance products, call 938-200-8972 today. You can also invest in other protections by requesting a quote online.