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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Insurance for Tech Workers - The Protections You Need

The tech revolution in Alabama and the greater southeast is heating up, bringing much-needed jobs and 21st century economic clout to the region. As the “Rocket City,” Huntsville, AL, leads the way for information technology, analytics, AI, and machine learning, and will soon assist in putting mankind back on the moon

The future of the tech industry is bright, but that doesn’t mean that your startup, consulting firm, or think tank is free from risk. In fact, tech companies face emerging claims of liability, damages, and loss of income in increasingly newer ways related to tech professional services, software development, and data breaches.

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we understand both the challenges and rewards of operating at the cutting edge. But without proper insurance protections, your own tech revolution may be set back or even stopped prematurely. 

So, what forms of insurance protection do tech workers need most? Let’s take a look at the most vital policy options for those operating at the tip of the technological spear. 

Professional Liability Insurance for Tech Workers

Also known as errors & omissions, professional liability coverage protects you and your tech enterprise from claims of negligence (among other claims). Firms operating at the evolving edge of what can be done with technology need professional liability coverage to protect them from potentially ruinous litigation.    

Any business entity centered on probing new technological possibilities, or offering high-level advice for IT services, data security, machine learning, and analytics, needs professional liability coverage as a final measure against jilted customers who expected the moon and received just short of it. 

Professional liability insurance can provide you with the funds you need to fight damaging claims, including:

  • Negligence

  • Misrepresentation

  • Failure to act and deal in good faith

  • Inaccurate advice 

  • Other claims 

Without professional liability insurance, your innovative tech firm may be responsible for:

  • Defense costs

  • Compensatory damages and judgements 

  • Wages for temporary staff/contractors

  • Wages for work/services performed

Don’t let the threat of negligence temper your desire to innovate. Secure your business with professional liability coverage and keep exploring what hasn’t been done (yet).

Commercial Property Insurance for Tech Workers

Your business, like most other businesses, probably has general liability insurance already. But as a tech firm, your ability to operate relies on the equipment you use every day. As such, commercial property insurance is a must-have for tech workers. 

At your office, you’re likely to have some of the most complex and expensive IT systems and hardware. But of course, these investments mean more than just their material cost—they also represent your ability to continue operating and bringing in capital. The true cost of any lost or damaged piece of tech, therefore, is more than just its replacement cost. 

Commercial property insurance provides a safety net to cover your valuable assets by providing funds for replacements in the event of damage. Protect you and your firm against damaging losses of property, including:

  • Computers

  • Servers

  • Buildings 

  • Office equipment

  • Specialty tech equipment

  • More

Without commercial property insurance, lost or damaged equipment could severely limit your ability to remain operational, profitable, and working at the innovative edge.

Custom Insurance for the Tech Industry

As pioneers at the edge of the known and unknown, the possible and the impossible, your industry faces special challenges and requires special protections. At Pepper, Johnstone & Co., we offer customizable tech insurance for companies that operate in an increasingly hazardous digital world. 

Additional policy options may include:

  • Cyber Liability Coverage - provides protection for instances of identity theft and data breaches to protect your business and your clients

  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage - protects your business against unethical acts committed by a worker in your employment

  • Workers Compensation Coverage - protects your company and your employees in case of an on-the-job accident

  • Commercial Vehicle Coverage - protects both owned and non-owned vehicles used on company business.

Who Needs Tech Insurance?

Adequate insurance protection isn’t just for some tech workers. Tech workers of all kinds can use, rely on, and benefit from comprehensive protection. 

You may need professional liability, commercial property, and customized tech insurance if you belong to one or several of the following categories:

  • Software Developer

  • Data Scientist

  • Computer Research Scientist

  • Web Developer

  • IT Service Provider

  • Computer Consultant

  • Telecoms Specialist

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Network & Systems Administrator

  • More

Operating in a digital world can leave you more vulnerable to claims of negligence and losses. Pepper, Johnstone & Co. can help you plug the gaps for a secure operating posture, now and in the future.

Pepper, Johnstone & Company for Tech Workers

With offices in Athens, AL, and Huntsville, AL, Pepper, Johnstone & Company can help you and your tech business close ranks and protect against the increasingly strange risks posed by our modern information infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about the coverage you need and how our customizable solutions may be perfect for your tech business.

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Pepper, Johnstone & Company can give you and your firm the protections necessary to continue operating at the forefront of innovation. Your industry faces newer, stranger risks and needs newer protection to ensure success. To learn more about commercial liability insurance, commercial property insurance, or customizable insurance for those in the tech industry, call 938-200-8972 today or request a quote online.