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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Insurance for Nonprofits - Helping the Helpers

You and your nonprofit organization have answered a calling to help those in need. Whether you’re dedicated to ending hunger in your community, raising awareness for dire social issues, or advocating for members of a hard-working profession, you need protections in place to continue doing your good work. 

Without the appropriate insurance program, your nonprofit’s mission could suffer setbacks or even end prematurely. While it may seem counterintuitive for someone with such an open and honest goal in life and work, you need to secure your organization against the unthinkable by putting a plan in place. 

For the sake of your volunteers, employees, and directors, Pepper, Johnstone & Company offers this simple (and by no means exhaustive) guide to insurance for nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations. So, what kind of protections do you need?

General Liability Insurance for Nonprofits

Like for-profit entities, nonprofit organizations need general liability insurance covering a wide range of likely incidents. Your work with members of the public (volunteers, the people you serve) can expose your organization to unfortunate claims and even ruinous litigation. Though it may be difficult for someone in your line of work, acknowledging the likelihood of bad actors among the public is necessary for the continued success of your mission.

If you’re not protected by general liability insurance, you could be at serious risk from incidents such as:

  • Injuries to members of the public

  • Negligent supervision

  • Property damage

  • Other damages

General liability insurance can protect you in numerous ways by providing you with:

  • Legal fees and defense costs

  • The cost of medical bills

  • Cost of rehabilitation

  • Cost of repairs to property

  • More

You can’t serve your people and your community while fearing lawsuits around every corner. General liability insurance from Pepper, Johnstone & Company can put your mind at ease so that you can ease the suffering of those you help.

Property Insurance for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit, you have limited funds available for purchasing, maintaining, and making the most of your property. Computers, office furniture, buildings, and other assets are necessary for you to help those in need. Without property insurance, the loss of a vital asset could unnecessarily handicap your operation.

The right property insurance program can cover valuable assets by providing the funds for replacements, including property like:

  • Computers

  • Buildings 

  • Office equipment

  • Field equipment

  • Machinery

  • Service-related specialty equipment

  • More

Your ability to serve your community shouldn’t depend on the operational expenses required to replace damaged, burned, or otherwise destroyed property. The right property insurance program can buttress your operation, giving you what you need to get back to work quickly.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for Nonprofits

A majority of nonprofit directors and officers are everyday volunteers with immense experience in running and managing an organization. They devote their time to your cause so that you can divert your efforts elsewhere. But without protection, your directors and officers could be named in lawsuits or pursued by unscrupulous creditors. Without protections, your organization could lose top talent and struggle to find replacements.

Furthermore, if your directors or officers are responsible for breaches of trust that harm your nonprofit, you’ll want protections in place to mitigate the damages. Directors & Officers Liability Insurance can protect your board and your organization from numerous, high-level business infractions, including claims of:

  • Stolen business opportunities

  • Violation of non-compete agreements

  • Breach of fiduciary duty

  • Failure to supply business

  • More

When you’ve worked so hard and recruited so vigorously, why let outside claims or internal improprieties damage your organization? Directors & Officers Liability Insurance can help.

Pepper, Johnstone & Company for Nonprofit Organizations

Your work is too important to be left up to chance. Our agents in our Athens, AL, and Huntsville, AL, offices can help you navigate the protections you need to carry on with your good work. Don’t let the unknowns of operating a nonprofit keep you up at night. Contact Pepper, Johnstone & Company to learn more about the protections you need to keep caring until the job is done.

Pepper, Johnstone & Company Protects Nonprofits!

You and your organization care about those you serve. But it can be difficult to advocate for a cause or community when unknown perils lurk with ruinous consequences. Don’t leave the success of your mission up to chance or trust. Protect your nonprofit organization today so that you can put your whole self into service. For more information about liability protections and other insurance policy options for nonprofits, call 938-200-8972 today or request a quote online.