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Why You Need Renters Insurance - Protecting You & Your Guests

Where we live can determine an awful lot about how we live. Moving may have its frustrations, but new places also offer moments of adventure and discovery. As we settle into our new homes, we have to remain mindful of our property and our future. For peace of mind wherever you’re living these days, there’s renters insurance.

Renters insurance is an absolutely vital part of protecting your home, family, and property. Renters insurance also protects you from liability in certain situations and is often required by  landlords as part of your lease agreement. In some situations, your landlord may be empowered by your lease agreement to charge you whatever sum they like for not having renters insurance, leaving you on the hook for more than you’d pay otherwise.

But how does renters insurance protect you in your new home? As you start your new job, explore your new surroundings, and settle into the next exciting chapter of your life, remember that renters insurance provides the following, crucial protections.

Personal Property

Moving to a new city or starting a new job grants us a certain liberty (and opportunity) with our personal property. You may decide that the old TV was on its way out anyway, justifying the purchase of a brand new flatscreen. You may also purchase new high-value furnishings to replace old sofas, tables, and more. All of it—from the smallest end table to your great-grandmother’s pearls—represents an investment.   

Renters insurance provides an option for personal property protection that can cover both minor and major possessions in the event of theft, burglary or a catastrophic loss. This protects the investments you make in your electronics, furnishings, jewelry, and other personal items. Without renters insurance, you and you alone may be responsible for replacing expensive personal property. Worse still, you could be losing out on the value of heirloom possessions that cannot be replaced. 

Personal Liability 

Nobody thinks it can happen to them, but occasionally,  one of our guests is injured on our property. Far fetched as it may seem, litigation can sometimes arise in these situations, placing both you, your savings, and your family’s future in jeopardy.

Personal liability protections through renters insurances may protect 3rd parties (guests, maintenance crews, visiting family, etc.) from bodily injury claims by covering the costs of legal fees, medical bills, and more. Without renters insurance and the protections it provides, you might find yourself in an otherwise ruinous situation without legal or financial aid.

Additional Living Expenses

Natural disasters, shoddy repairs, fires, and structural damage can (and often do) force people from their homes. But while homeowners have their own insurance, where are renters supposed to go? How can a tenant pay for 3 months of a hotel room if their rental property becomes uninhabitable?

Renters insurance can cover the costs of additional living expenses incurred during certain situations. The more versatile your renters insurance coverage is the more protection you ultimately receive. But when weighed against the financial hardship caused by an emergency, renters insurance is clearly the smart way to go. 

Protecting You Wherever

One of the best perks of all, renters insurance may follow you from this place to the next. The coverage and protections you choose today can have a serious impact on how you’re living in 2, 5, or 10 years time. 

For renters insurance that works for you, call Pepper, Johnstone, & Co. today. We’re here to find you the best coverage at the best price so that you’re protected today, tomorrow, and wherever you decide your dreams live.

Safeguard your past, present, and future before it’s too late.

While we may not always feel like paying for so-called “optional” insurance, there’s nothing “optional” about protecting your investments, your financial wellbeing, and your future. Moving may be an adventure, but every adventure comes with its own peril. To sleep better, work harder, and achieve peace of mind, call 938-200-8972, or request a quote online to get started with your renters insurance.