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Pepper, Johnstone & Company Celebrates 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary. Celebrating our past. Inspiring our future. Pepper, Johnstone & Company. Established in 1971

That’s right - Pepper, Johnstone & Company has been serving clients in Alabama and throughout the Southeastern United States for 50 years. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built in that time and humbled by the trust our clients continue to put in our firm to protect what’s most important to them. We’ve spent time getting to know our clients and their needs, and we have designed customized insurance plans to help them protect themselves and their businesses. 

It almost goes without saying that a lot has changed in the last 50 years. Technology has grown at an increasingly rapid rate; computers and other business equipment have evolved from giant installations that took up entire floors of commercial buildings to desktop and laptop units that occupy far less space than a briefcase. In 1971, only the most radical visionary could predict that by 2021 everyone would have a cell phone, and that this pocket-sized device would house far more computing power than a multi-million dollar supercomputer array. Flying cars seemed more likely.

It makes sense, then, that our clients’ insurance needs have grown in complexity as well. One thing that hasn’t changed since 1971 – our focus on putting our clients first and creating business and personal insurance programs  that provide peace of mind. Pepper, Johnstone & Company has evolved with the times to be able to offer you insurance products that fully cover your current business and individual requirements while anticipating those in your future. With our commitment to putting our clients’ needs first, we fully intend to be with you for another 50 years.

What We Love About Our Clients

In the past 50 years, our business footprint  has grown from our office in Athens, Alabama, to include clients from the Southeastern, Eastern, and Southwestern United States. No matter the distance from our office or the number of people and businesses we service, we take the time to get to know all our clients as if they were our first, and we genuinely treasure those relationships. As an independent brokerage, we maintain the flexibility to craft policies that fully protect your assets, from the most complex agricultural and manufacturing operations, to religious institutions, to more straightforward personal lines insurance for individuals and families alike.

As business and individual needs have grown to coincide with the challenges presented by an evolving society, our independent agents have crafted creative insurance solutions to fully protect our clients in today’s landscape. As your needs evolve, you can trust that we’re there in-sync with you.

We love learning what our clients do and how we can help, and we work hard to put together policies that fully protect them against risk.

What Our Clients Love About Us

If there’s one thing the past 50 years have taught us, it’s that putting clients first is good business. Our business is built on client relationships. In-depth one-on-one consultations are the only way to fully understand the risks our clients face, both in their businesses and personally. Being fully invested in our clients has allowed us to thrive over decades; regardless of the number of clients we have, we get to know their challenges so we can provide the commercial and personal protection they need and expect.

Whether it be putting together a complex agribusiness policy to fully insure a busy large-scale farmer to shepherding clients through the claims process, our agents work with you. And the years have provided us with a number of client accolades:

“We’ve been with Pepper, Johnstone and Company for about four years now. What has made us really stick with them is just that accountability. Every time that I need something taken care of, I know that I can pick up the phone and they’ll immediately take care of it, and they will take care of it in a way that I know they would take care of themselves. They really put a personal touch on it, and I know that whatever answer that they give me or whatever information they provide for me has been well thought out and is really for the betterment of our business and the protection of our business.” - Lauren Marsh, Ridgeline Construction

“I’m with Pepper Johnstone today because they have taken care of me during the darkest days that we had, just right after the tornado. And as we have grown – we’ve been a growing business for the past several years, and they have been growing right with us, and insure our business to take care of us where we will be able to not only provide for our customers and our employees now, but also for the future.” - Lynn Persell, Persell Lumber

“The services that they provide– and I’m going to use a phrase here – they’re really not a vendor. We have a lot of vendors. They’re a consultant to us. They help us understand what the insurances are intended to do through active and ongoing dialog; they really understand our business and our risk profile based on their knowledge of the industry, and through that help us make informed decisions” - Mike Walters, MVW Nutritionals

VIsit our testimonials page for more client response to our individualized services.

Grow with Pepper, Johnstone & Company for Another 50 Years

We’ve spent the past 50 years building relationships with our clients. We take pride in learning what they need and how we can best serve them. We fully intend to grow over the decades to come, getting to know more clients and their businesses while taking care of the ones we have. Grow with us. Contact us at 938-200-8972 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can protect your tomorrow, today.