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Religious institution insurance: getting proper protection from specialty insurance

Here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we cover our clients with risk-specific insurance designed for total protection. Today, we’re going to talk about protecting your religious institution through specialty insurance. 

Not just any insurance will cover your business, organization, or institution. Business managers, executives, and other institutional leaders often think that the combination of general liability, workman’s comp, and property and casualty insurance covers practically anything. But in many cases, what’s required is specialty insurance. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Along with a litany of other widely-required insurance policies, Specialty insurance pinpoints the specific risks associated with your organization’s line of work or activity. This is particularly true of religious institutions. 


What Is Religious Institution Insurance?

The importance of preserving our institutions is inherent in their very definition: institutions are the structures, both literal and figurative, which maintain order and civility. In today’s day and age, our religious institutions face a number of threats, from force majeure and acts of God to petty vandalism and outright violence.  

One of Pepper, Johnstone & Company’s most important specialty insurance offerings is religious institution insurance. Religious institution insurance protects precisely that which you will find in your house of worship. Altars, pews, Bibles, Torahs, stained glass, statues, and other structures—religious institution insurance protects all the indelible items that anoint this space as holy. 


Religious Institution Insurance: More Than A Title

What separates the policies written by our professional advisers here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company from others is the relationships we build with you and your ministry, parish, mosque, or temple. More than understanding the traditions and values of religious institutions, we’re interested in getting to know the nuances and idiosyncrasies of your institution. 


Getting To Know You & Your Congregation

Understanding your organization helps us design an insurance program that fits your precise needs. Countless clients have attested to the important role we have played in getting to know their businesses, organizations, and institutions. And, in getting to know your religious institution, we get to know you, and the rest of your congregants and constituents. 

Houses of worship are their members. The values and traditions mean little if they are not shared among those who come to tell stories and pray. Our policies are geared, more than anything, toward protecting everyone—parishioners, clergy, ministers, rabbis—from accidents, medical issues, and more. And, should anything happen, Pepper, Johnstone & Company will make absolutely certain that your institution is protected in the event of any hateful or violent acts. 


Put Your Worries To Rest

In the end, it’s all about making sure that everybody can attend the act of worship and the joys of community. Worrying about whether you will be able to continue to serve your community in the event of unforeseen risks throws these things off course. 

Pepper, Johnstone & Company has provided religious institution insurance to countless organizations throughout Alabama. Give us a call today and take the first step toward creating a plan that protects you from anything that might arise. 


Pepper, Johnstone & Company – Professional insurance advisors who just happen to sell insurance products too!

As a leader of a congregation of any religion or denomination, your entire house of worship is filled with invaluable materials, from holy texts and scrolls to the stained glass on the walls. But religious institution insurance goes further than just protecting these precious items. Our experienced advisers form lasting relationships, get to know your organization, and use this intimate knowledge to create an insurance program that reflects your true coverage needs. 

Get in contact with Alabama’s best local independent insurance provider today. You can request an online quote here. You can also visit us on our website or call at 256-232-7818 to get us working on a quote for you today.