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As a Baby Boomer, you need long term care insurance

As life draws on, you consider the legacy you will leave behind. But it’s also important not to look too far ahead. Here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we take the time to remind our clients to take care of themselves. That’s where long term care insurance comes in. 

As a local independent insurance provider, Pepper, Johnstone & Company builds relationships with clients. By getting to know clients over a long stretch of time, we can offer the right protections at the right time. To their satisfaction, we have encouraged our Baby Boomer clients to begin thinking about how they will afford long term care—if and when it’s needed. 

Today, we will cover the basics surrounding long term care insurance, its benefits, and how we can help you decide when it’s right for you. 

What is Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care life insurance—the industry nomenclature sure is a mouthful. Let’s break it down into simpler parts. 

It’s important not to confuse long term care insurance with term life insurance. Long term care insurance is its own policy or rider, written in one of three forms: 

  • Purchased on its own

  • Bundled with life insurance as a hybrid

  • Added to your existing life insurance as a benefit or rider

Long term care insurance ensures that, should you move into an assisted living facility due health concerns, your living expenses will be covered. This coverage provides a margin of safety like no other investment you have ever made. As you enjoy your golden years, never again will you have to worry about how you will afford living and health expenses all at once. 

Better yet here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we work with you to figure how long term care insurance fits into your plan.  

The Benefits Of Long Term Care Insurance

The Only Form Of Long Term Coverage

It may come as a shock, but long term care is not covered by any other policy—not by health insurance, disability insurance, Medicare, nor Medicaid. That means, in your greatest time of need, you will have to draw from your personal funds or rely upon the kindness of family and friends. 

Long term care insurance, custom tailored to your needs by professional insurance advisors  like Pepper, Johnstone & Company, offers you a solution. Our expert insurance advisers design a policy specifically for you, based on both data and familiarity with your needs, allowing you to: 

  • choose your living standards and amenities

  • retain your right of choice and independence

  • maintain savings meant for yourself or family inheritance

Relieve Yourself—And Your Family—Of Burden

Long term care facilities tend to be exactly that—long term. Attempting to pay out of pocket can be extremely burdensome. And there is  roughly a three-in-four chance that you will require long term care. 

Imagine, on the other hand, being able to choose where you stay, and for how long, without worry or concern. By simply paying a small monthly premium, you avoid the risk of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over multiple years, which also reflect the averages of long term care data.  

Our insurance experts here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company have seen firsthand the sense of relief that washes over our clients as we help them finalize long term care insurance. Far more than the savings itself, the frame of mind sets you free from concern—chiefly, the concern over your family and friends, who simply want the best for you. 

Pepper, Johnstone & Company Will Create A Plan Just For You

Our passion for this work explains why people throughout Alabama build lifelong relationships with Pepper, Johnstone & Company. We have given our careers over to creating policies that protect your cars, your homes, and your belongings. So when it comes to your lives, and your care, we only work harder to tailor the perfect policy to your needs. 

For those of the Baby Boomer generation, now is the time to start thinking about long term care insurance. Our experienced insurance advisers can bundle a life insurance and long term care policy that helps ease the minds of both you and your family. Don’t wait any longer. Get yourself the peace of mind that you deserve, and turn these into the best years of your life. 

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As a member of America’s Baby Boomer generation, you are most likely beginning to plan your estate and your affairs. For many, that means looking out for family. But it’s also time to think about yourself. In particular, it’s time to think about long term care insurance. The vast majority of Americans rely on long term care as they grow older. Get in contact with Alabama’s best local independent insurance provider today. You can request an online quote here. You can also visit us on our website or call at 256-232-7818 to get us working on a quote for you today.