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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Property & casualty insurance can alleviate healthcare professionals of risk and distraction

As healthcare professionals, you hold patients’ welfare in mind practically without interruption. Unfortunately, patients and, particularly, their lawyers aren’t exactly forgiving when it comes to the liabilities inherent to your work. For your trouble, you and your employers are often exposed to litigation and damages. 

From improper use of equipment to data breaches and botched surgeries, healthcare workers put themselves on the line every day in more ways than we’ll ever know. The fact is general liability insurance just doesn’t cut it in the face of all these risks. Here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we design policies based on in-depth analysis of your specific position as a healthcare professional. 

More specifically, by assessing vulnerabilities specific to your practice, we can best protect you from the most likely financial and legal claims through our specialized property and casualty insurance for healthcare workers. 

Our local independent insurance agency curates policies for healthcare professionals

As a local independent insurance agency, Pepper, Johnstone & Company builds close-knit relationships with your business or workplace to, for one, build trust, and two, better understand the nuances of the real risks. From this intimate analysis, we create uniquely tailored, individualized policies--unlike big box agencies that often times try to put you into a one-size-fits-all insurance program that doesn’t adequately address your unique needs.

And when it comes to healthcare, there’s no greater need for a finely tailored policy. The risks are not only vast but also highly peculiar to each of the countless forms of medicine and healthcare practiced today. 

Furthermore, many healthcare workers are under-insured or perhaps even improperly insured. Let’s take a look at how Pepper, Johnstone & Company’s property and casualty insurance for healthcare workers can protect you from the risks of saving people’s lives.

General liability won’t cover everything

While the message is out that healthcare workers require increased protection from unique risks, knowledge of precisely how to cover those risks is far less universal. 

General liability sounds like it covers, well, “generally” everything; however, when it comes to insuring healthcare workers, general liability insurance simply isn’t enough. Yes, it’s essential for covering the basics, which our advisors implement as a foundation of protecting healthcare professionals from risk. But our specialized property and casualty insurance will cover you in the event of greater risks unique to your healthcare practice. 

Let’s face it, as physicians,  your greatest concern isn’t exactly the potential for a patient to slip and fall in the waiting room. You’re more concerned with potential harm from, say, an MRI exam done on a patient with metal implants, or the potential for malpractice suits should there be a misdiagnosis or surgery gone wrong. Our insurance experts also create precise packages for private practices and other lines of medical business. These packages subsume both the risks attendant to general business as well as those unique to your business--from that slip and fall to the MRI, and much more. 

Here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company, our experienced and knowledgeable insurance advisors consider risks from all angles. The ultimate goal is to leave you not only protected, but also free of the mental burden that beleaguers medical practitioners and healthcare professionals from doing their very best work. 

Modern healthcare workers require modern healthcare insurance

As a healthcare professional, you don’t see clipboards hung on the end of patients’ beds anymore. We figured out some time ago that this was a serious violation of private information. Likewise, modern healthcare requires modern solutions, and healthcare workers’ insurance is no different. 

Legal risks have always dominated the healthcare insurance apparatus but things are changing. As health insurance continues to grow more complicated, so does insuring yourself as a healthcare worker. Claims now come in the form of, for example, costs of care at other facilities or the opportunity cost of lost labor hours due to continued injury or illness. No risk is more modern than liabilities stemming from COVID-19 treatment. Pepper, Johnstone & Company is always keeping up with the latest developments in regulatory changes and ensuing risks. 

And speaking of confidentiality, with new gadgets replacing clipboards, breaches of private information come in the form of mistakenly switched patient files or perhaps even data breaches. With information transitioning to cloud services and new hardware, confidentiality and privacy have become even more of a risk to healthcare workers. 

Our specialized property and casualty insurance for healthcare professionals, tailored to your practice, is modern protection for the modern healthcare worker. 

As an agency, PJ&C focuses on policy first

Pepper, Johnstone & Company is an insurance brokerage, which is much different than the big carriers whose commercials you see on TV. As a brokerage, our primary focus remains on properly protecting our clients by comprehensively understanding their uniques risk exposures and then aligning their policies to their specific risks. 

Meaning, Pepper, Johnstone & Company advisors aren’t merely insurance waiters, taking orders from customers. On the contrary, they’re specialists and practitioners. We live and breathe insurance as you do healthcare work. We provide the gritty details, such as the importance of umbrella policies for commercial healthcare providers, while professional or perhaps even specialized practices require private insurance.

Most importantly, we cover all healthcare professionals, including but not limited to:

  • Doctors

  • Dentists

  • Pharmacies

  • Care facilities

  • Veterinarians

  • Medical Offices

Here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we understand your risk exposures. We just want to make sure that you do as well--and that you’re covered for them.

Pepper, Johnstone & Company -- Professional insurance advisors who just happen to sell insurance products too!

If you’re a healthcare professional or if you run a healthcare business, now is the time to reach out to Pepper, Johnstone & Company about property and casualty insurance. Our independent insurance agents work with each client on an individual basis, curating policies that cover you for as much risk as possible. You can request an online quote here. You can also visit us on our website or call at 256-232-7818 to get us working on a quote for you today.