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COVID-19 and farm insurance: is your agribusiness adequately covered?

Farmers are being recognized as heroes in 2020 for having kept us fed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a quick look at how farmers and ranchers fared during these trying times.

Some farmers sweated, suffered; some thrived during the pandemic

Some in the farming community were hit hard by the pandemic. A lockdown on farming workforces, combined with transport interruptions, caused a lot of challenges in 2020. As stated by Dave Puglia, President and CEO of Western Growers, “Nobody saw this coming. You can’t plan for it. It hits, and you react.” Fortunately, in late 2020, the government stepped in and passed a stimulus package for the small to medium-sized farming and ranching industries, which supplemented losses incurred during the pandemic.

However, some smaller farmers found brand-new customers during the pandemic. Farmers and ranchers who developed a “closed-loop” supply chain, providing primarily local businesses, fared much better, preventing their produce and meat from wasting. And many farmers found themselves pivoting to this model during 2020. 

Farmers and ranchers: “COVID comeback” in 2021?

With the new vaccines rolling out and the numbers of COVID-related illnesses expected to reduce in 2021, farmers and ranchers will begin seeing the impact of pent-up demand by retailers and others along the supply chain. Many are dubbing this as the “COVID comeback.” When this happens, farming communities will be ramping up quickly to meet these demands. We will likely see farmers make new equipment purchases, invest in additional grain silos, and allow for other expenses that will help them meet the flood of demand predicted for mid-2021.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, proper insurance coverage for your crops, outbuildings, livestock, etc., was critical to your ongoing success. However, in a world where you may be faced with increased demand in 2021, it is more important than ever to ensure that any assets acquired to meet that need are adequately insured as well.

Farmers and ranchers: check your insurance coverage now

It might be a good time to check in with your insurance agent to ensure you are keeping maximum risk at bay. At Pepper, Johnstone & Co., we are the largest agricultural insurance broker in the state, which means we understand your unique business needs and have experience designing the best possible coverages for your situation.  Due to our prominence and expertise in the agricultural marketplace, we also represent many of the largest agricultural insurance carriers in the industry, which benefits our clients when tailoring insurance programs specific to their operation. 

We’d love to visit your operation, on-site, to assess your unique risks to create a comprehensive insurance and risk management plan, so you and your farm or ranch have the appropriate protections for years to come. You can then have the peace of mind that you’re working with a broker who cares about your farm or ranch and has the experience in safeguarding your family legacy.  

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