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Cyber attacks on your business: are you prepared?

In an earlier blog post we talked about cyber liability insurance. Today, we here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company would like to revisit this topic. Amid the accelerating use of digital and remote technologies as more people than ever are working from home, it’s a great time to expand upon cyber liability insurance and what it can do to protect your business. 

Recap: what is cyber liability insurance?

Cyber liability insurance covers businesses and organizations from attacks against digital assets, including data breaches and viruses (such as malware), which can incur upon all electronics connected to your company’s online systems. Specifically, it covers the liability associated with:

  • Recovering data

  • Recovering and restoring identities of affected customers

  • Repairing damaged computer systems

  • Notifying customers about the breach

The results of a cyber attack can be as wide-ranging as they are devastating. Data breaches, for example, can harm not only a company’s ability to keep things like proprietary information guarded, but worse, they can reveal information about clients and customers that they expect to be protected. 

Or, for instance, take a malware attack, where hackers trick people into clicking on virus software. Such software can be used to infect a computer, thereby disrupting business operations, or can itself act as a way to reveal encrypted data.

Cyber liability insurance ensures that the consequences of any attack via digital channels are covered. 

How does cyber liability insurance cover a business?

You might be wondering how insurance can cover a data breach or theft, when it’s difficult if not downright impossible to put a price tag on information. 

Cyber attacks can be incredibly complex and near limitless in their scope. Cyber liability insurance covers a range of consequences resulting from these attacks, tailored to match their complexity. 

Furthermore, cyber liability insurance isn’t only about coverage after the fact. As stated by one of our partners, Travelers, cyber insurance should also be about helping businesses take preemptive measures against potential attacks. 

For many industries, cyber liability insurance is required

The complexity and mystery of the internet have long shielded businesses from focusing on their responsibilities when it comes to cyber attacks. Now these attacks have become frequent, well-known threats to the security of businesses and organizations around the world. 

Cyber insurance is becoming a requirement when competing for business. Local, state, and federal government agencies have begun listing it as a mandatory insurance requirement when bidding for contracts. 

Cyber liability insurance is more important than ever

More people are working from home than ever before. This trend will most likely continue now as businesses see that it helps them operate more economically. 

In a world that’s becoming ever more distant, disconnected, and most importantly, digitized, we believe that building relationships is the cornerstone of not just the insurance business, but business in general. Building human relationships allows us to retain trust. Trust means talking to a human being rather than a robot. Trust means being taken care of on an individual basis, with consideration of your individual needs. Most of all, trust means being protected. Cyber liability insurance is the best way to keep the trust of both your clients and those in your employ. 

With technology now fully assimilated into our businesses and everyday lives, protecting those assets is fast becoming an essential coverage. You can contact us at any time to find out more about adding cyber liability insurance, which will protect your business from attack and prepare you to better compete in today’s economy. 

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