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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

5 insurance policies every startup company needs

Founding a startup company takes creativity, strategy, leadership, and resources. Business owners of startup companies often desire to minimize initial costs, but one business aspect not to skip out on is commercial business insurance.

From the very foundation of a startup company, both the business owner and the business itself becomes exposed to risk. Because of the fragile nature of a startup company, business owners must be proactive in protecting their company from these risks. 

Our business insurance experts at Pepper, Johnstone & Company have outlined 5 types of commercial business insurance most new startup companies need to consider. 

Five types of business insurance you may need as a startup company

1. General liability insurance

Today in the U.S., 73 percent of all businesses are sole proprietorships. While these businesses are appealing and easy to start, sole proprietorships also come with heavy responsibility. This form of ownership puts both your personal assets and business at risk. 

Commercial liability insurance, or general liability insurance, protects you as the business owner from being personally liable in the event of a lawsuit. 

2. Commercial property insurance 

Commercial property insurance is another common type of business insurance for startups because of its wide range of coverage. Commercial property insurance often covers buildings, inventory, equipment, and events like fires, break-ins, vandalism, and other disasters. When it comes to commercial property insurance, you’ll want a policy that covers the full value of your business assets. 

While a basic commercial property insurance policy may be all you need for your startup company, the types of coverage required varies based on your business. 

3. Workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation is familiar to most business owners. A workers’ compensation policy covers medical care and rehabilitation for employees injured at work and replaces the wages lost during their injury. 

While workers’ compensation is a necessity for construction companies, business owners with companies who have employees in the office also need this coverage. For instance, if an employee slips and falls in the office or if an employee drives their personal car on company business, you need workers’ compensation coverage.

4. Commercial auto insurance

Going beyond workers’ compensation, some startup companies need commercial auto insurance to protect their assets. Whether your startup business owns company cars or regularly uses rental vehicles, commercial auto insurance can cover liability, property damage, and medical expenses. 

5. Commercial umbrella insurance 

Commercial umbrella insurance policies are imperative for startup companies. Having an umbrella policy can mean the difference between your business’ growth or downfall. Although most business owners make plans in case of failures, most startup companies do not account for catastrophic lawsuits and losses potentially occurring. 

Commercial umbrella insurance protects you and your startup company when losses exceed your primary coverage. Moreover, this insurance policy protects your assets by providing liability limits above and beyond your other insurance policies. 

Pepper, Johnstone & Company provides more than commercial business insurance

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we recognize that no two companies are the same. When it comes to your startup company, you want someone who has working knowledge and experience with a variety of businesses and industries. 

Our independent insurance agents have the experience to identify how to insure your business effectively. We go above and beyond to make sure that your insurance insulates you and your business with the protection that you need. 

  • Specialized business insurance products 

With years of experience in multiple verticals, we can recognize the unique risks that our clients may face with their startup company. Our team works as consultants to walk you through specialized business insurance products that are relevant for specific industries. 

  • Loss prevention programs

Another service that we offer is a loss prevention program. In addition to providing the proper business insurance that you need, we can evaluate your business’ current operations and conditions. Through our insurance company partners, we can recommend ways to lower your losses, which leads to lower costs and increase in productivity. 

  • Quick claim response

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we represent companies with excellent records for settling claims fairly and promptly. We’re proud of who we partner with, and we can genuinely recommend our insurance carrier partners as trustworthy and ethical. Therefore, we don’t only get your claim submitted to the insurance carrier, but we also advocate on your behalf to ensure fast and fair handling of your claim.

  • Competitive rates 

When you have a startup company, you want to work with people who understand your industry and value what you do. At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we represent and work with insurance companies who specialize in insuring specific types of businesses and industries. This specialization leads to exclusive coverage and pricing, along with special programs tailored to your business. 

Pepper, Johnstone & Company is independently owned and locally operated to handle your insurance needs, be it commercial insurance, home insurance, or just general insurance.  We focus on Athens and offer affordable and reliable insurance choices all across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Tennessee.  We will help you find the right combination of tailored, personalized insurance coverage at just the right price to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.