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New year, new habits: ways to make sure you're moving your business forward

How often are you planning business goals for your company’s growth? Moving your business forward takes intentionality, planning, and strategic tactics. Let 2020 be the year that your business reaches increased growth and attains new benchmarks as a result of your strategy and hard work. 

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we take time at the beginning of the year to develop new habits. These new habits lead to the success of our independent insurance agency, and ultimately, to the protection of our clients. Here are a few ways to move your business forward and business goals for 2020.

Setting business goals and ways to move your business forward in 2020

Review last year and set a vision for the new year 

It can be challenging to know what direction to push your business in if you haven’t taken inventory of how you met last year’s business goals. Look back on what your 2019 business goals were, review your performance each quarter, and make an honest evaluation of how your business performed. Setting a vision for 2020 with an informed business review will allow you to make realistic and helpful goals. 

Strategize your sales and marketing efforts 

Both your marketing and sales efforts work best if you align them in purpose, strategy, language, and tactics. Decide what business goals and marketing outcomes you want to achieve for this year, and correspond your sales and marketing strategy to aim to deliver it. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Shifting and experimenting with your marketing tactics helps you see what works and what type of result each marketing effort yields. If you aren’t already using a digital marketing strategy, online marketing efforts, such as blogs, social media, and search engine optimization, add an effective, new dynamic while promoting your product or service. 

Evaluate and plan for your business’ growth 

Your business’s scalability is its ability to be flexible and grow with your business. As you look into the new year, evaluate your business model, financials, infrastructure, employee processes, software programs, and the ability to replicate your product or service. 

Planning out a trajectory of growth over the next several years will allow you to take proper risks, invest in things that will facilitate growth, and have a basis for evaluating your success.  

Revisit your insurance coverage 

As your business grows and changes, take time to reevaluate your commercial insurance with your trusted insurance agent, such as our agents at Pepper Johnstone. A common mistake that business owners make is not buying the right types of insurance and having gaps in their business coverage. 

As you pursue your business goals for 2020, be sure you’re not putting your business at risk unintentionally. Therefore, it’s a good habit to check in yearly with your insurance agent to ensure that your insurance is still adequate. 

Commit to daily habits that lead to success 

Finally, a new year is a great time to begin new, healthy habits. When it comes to your business, there are many things that business owners and managers can do to promote successful business practices daily. Here are some practical habits for business owners to include in your daily routine when starting a new year:

  • Set small business goals every day

  • Avoid distractions

  • Read about what others in your industry are doing

  • Keep up with technology 

  • Ask for feedback

Pepper, Johnstone & Company is here for your business needs

At Pepper, Johnstone & Company, we pride ourselves on being local, influential, and responsive. As an independent insurance agency, we take a consultative approach when working with you. We know what types of coverage to shop for because we've established your coverage needs. 

Our employees here at Pepper, Johnstone & Company have been in the Alabama area for decades. We love serving as advisors to you and your business, even outside of the realm of insurance. As you prepare for this year, we’d love to work alongside you to help your business obtain its goals and reach optimal success. 

Pepper, Johnstone & Company is independently owned and locally operated to handle your insurance needs, be it commercial insurance, home insurance, or just general insurance.  We focus on Athens and offer affordable and reliable insurance choices all
across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Tennessee.  We will help you find the right combination of tailored, personalized insurance coverage at just the right price to fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.