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How We Helped Morgan Metals With Their Insurance

We care about our clients’ individual needs and desires when it comes to insurance protection. With each client being different than the next, we spend an adequate amount of time understanding the problem and finding the best solution that makes sense for them.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Patrick Townsend at Morgan Metals Inc., of Athens, Alabama, to get a closer look at how we’ve helped them with their insurance needs.

How We Helped Morgan Metals With Their Insurance Needs

Who is Morgan Metals?

Morgan Metals is a metal manufacturer specializing in custom metal fabrications for industrial companies in North Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi. They work with various types of metals such as aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and galvanized metal. Frank Morgan started the company in 1944 as Morgan Sheet Metal and Roofing, which was later renamed to Morgan Metals in 1994.

Since first opening, they have grown from a small company building and installing residential gutter installations and fireplace covers to a company that routinely delivers million dollar projects to industrial clients.

What Challenges Did Morgan Metals Experience?

Morgan Metals came to us with a clear understanding that they needed help identifying and addressing the missing holes in their insurance. Patrick noted we really took the time to understand his company, establish a trusting relationship, and care about his company’s goals as an organization.

How Did Pepper, Johnstone & Company Help?

Through persistent one-on-one communication with Patrick at Morgan Metals, we discovered that the three most important types of insurance his company needed are business liability insurance, workmen's compensation, and business auto insurance.

In addition to our insurance options, we provided his company crucial risk management services, so he fully understood the repercussions that could occur from poor insurance coverage.

We made it a priority to not only recommend which policies would suit his company best, but we educated him on general insurance risk exposures and why insurance is critical within the metal fabrication industry.

How Pepper, Johnstone & Company Can Help You

Our agents have experience in virtually all forms of insurance, from personal insurance to life insurance and beyond. With an understanding that each person and organization is different, we make it a priority to be more than just your independent agent --  by understanding your goals, needs and challenges before ever making a recommendation.


When we asked Patrick how long he has been with Pepper, Johnstone & Company, he said, “We have been with Pepper, Johnstone & Company for over 7 years. We originally discovered Pepper, Johnstone & Company through their efforts within our community, which showcased that they are more than just an insurance agency. We have chosen to remain customers of Pepper, Johnstone & Company because of the level of service that we receive and their attention to detail when it comes to our insurance needs.”

Pepper, Johnstone & Company protects your family with a choice of multiple insurance companies to choose from, for home, auto, and business. We've helped countless people save money on their insurance while making sure they're properly covered. Visit us today at our website, or give us a call at 256-232-7818 to get us working on a quote for you today. To learn about our insurance options for your business, click here.