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Why Metal Fabricator Insurance Is Crucial for Your Operations

Arguably, the metalworking industry employs some of the most skilled employees in the nation. Metalworkers don’t sit behind a desk and push paper; instead, they operate heavy equipment like press brakes, ironworkers, plasma tables, roll presses, and with the skill of a surgeon, they are binding metal to metal with welding rods. Their jobs can be dangerous, and the equipment and parts made by their skill have quick deadlines. 


Do you have a comprehensive metal fabricator insurance program that gives your metalworkers the peace of mind that they will be taken care of due to injury? Do you stay up at night worrying what you would do if you lost everything to a fire or tornado? Speak with a professional about metal fabricator insurance. These professionals understand that you have significant investments in equipment, inventory, finished goods, computers and software. Electing to receive metal fabricator insurance ensures your business that in the event of catastrophe, such as a fire, machine malfunction or an accident on the job, you’re covered and not at risk of losing everything.


Our professionals build metal fabricator insurance around your unique needs. It bridges the gap between your personal injury, general liability, and commercial business insurance, so you’re covered from all angles -- no matter if you’re a fabricator, a machinist, or if you forge, cast, engrave or weld metal.


Below we’ve outlined what metal fabricator insurance is, its value and why it’s a necessity for your metalworking company.


What Is Metal Fabricator Insurance?


Metal fabricator insurance is a unique insurance solution for the metalworking industry. Working with metal and large metalworking equipment is an inherently dangerous profession and demands incredible oversight for success.


Metal fabricator insurance provides insurance solutions for all potential risks related to metalworking, including:


  • Injury to you or your employees
  • Loss of business income
  • Additional expense to sub-out work while your business is down due to a loss
  • 3rd party losses due to the products and services you provided
  • Machinery or equipment malfunction
  • Damage to your building & equipment due to a covered cause of loss
  • Employment related liability
  • Compromise to data, such as a security breach


Depending on your unique company needs, metal fabricator insurance solutions can extend beyond what is listed above. In order to receive the most comprehensive insurance for your company, it’s recommended that you speak with an agent. From there, he or she will walk you through your available options so you feel confident you’re fully covered in the event of a problem.


Why Metal Fabricator Insurance Is Necessary


Metalworking is hazardous. Risk of injury is much higher than other industries due to the increased caution your employees must take while operating machinery designed to roll, cut, engrave, pour, forge or bend metal plate.


According to ThomasNet, there are other inherent dangers to metalworking and fabrication, including exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic gases; blinding flashes; and injury resulting from improperly installed machine guards. Although it’s mandatory to follow all safety protocols, accidents can and will happen; therefore, it is crucial to provide insurance coverage for your employees to feel safe and protected. Metal fabricator insurance also covers you from legal and financial risk if your business often hires others to do these dangerous tasks.


Metalworking also requires expensive, hard-to-replace machinery that can lead to a significant loss of profit and revenue if it goes down or needs replaced. Choosing metal fabricator insurance provides you with a comprehensive insurance program designed to protect your business in the wake of a catastrophe. You’re at risk of losing everything without insurance.


If you don’t believe you have full coverage for your company (or need more), speak with an agent, who will be able to work with you on the insurance options that best fit your unique needs. 


In the metalworking industry, an insured business is a thriving business.


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