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How Agricultural Insurance Is Crucial for Your Farm

Running a commercial ranch or farm requires comprehensive insurance solutions that differ from other industries. Whereas most businesses rely on straightforward commercial policies, oftentimes farmers or ranchers live on the same property as their business, which blends a combination of commercial and personal property insurance solutions.

It’s critical to understand the right policy for your unique business and residence. From dairies to commercial growers, there are countless insurance options that can be customized to your way of life. Below we’ve catalogued farm insurance, different options you might encounter, and how it can benefit your bottom line.

What is Farm Insurance?

In a nutshell, farm insurance protects you, your home, employees and livestock, crops or other agricultural operations. Farm insurance typically encompasses a combination of homeowners, personal and commercial insurance policies. Because ranchers and farmers live on the property they use to conduct business, these double exposures can potentially increase the risk of personal and financial devastation due to a loss.

Farm insurance policies incorporate multiple policies under one to ensure comprehensive coverage for any potential loss to you, your home or business.

What Does Farm Insurance Cover?

Generally, a farm insurance policy covers:

  • Homeowners insurance, including damage or loss to the home and its contents

  • Personal injury and liability

  • Personal and commercial property, including buildings, animals, farm machinery and equipment

  • Commercial liability

Because of the nature of your farm or ranch, an agent will be necessary to develop the best insurance solutions for your operations or home. It’s to your benefit to work with your agent to create a customized plan that ensures your farm and investments are covered.

How Farm Insurance Benefits You

A loss to an uninsured farm can mean devastating effects financially and personally.  Selecting farm insurance ensures that no matter the loss, whether it’s damage to your home, equipment, crops, livestock or more, you’re covered and capable of continuing operations. Replacing equipment or livestock is a costly endeavor, and you may not be financially equipped to handle these costs.  A farm insurance policy ensures these costs are mitigated and won’t cause severe financial strain to your business. It is imperative for farmers and ranchers to be prepared in the face of catastrophe to stay financially stable.

Farms and ranches are unique and often multi-generational. Speak with an agent on what insurance policies work for your unique operations -- or better yet, schedule a site visit!  He or she will be able to create a comprehensive plan based on your investments and property, so you can be properly protected and working for years to come.

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